River Raku


River Raku Original ceramic art creatively designed, drawn and carved by Peg.   Prime wood from the banks of the Umpqua River that flows by our studio in Scottsburg, Oregon is woven into the clay with copper wire making one-of-a-kind wall art, large and small.  Hand drawn slabs of clay create unique raku wall art, and interesting tiles, beads and pendants.  Certain pieces can go outside with special treatment. 

Triple Fish  $350

Can be hung outside.

Specially Treated.

River Raku +  Raku Wall Art

Triple Raku Salmon ** Not For Sale***

The wonderful process of Raku is what brings out the metallic colors.  The process never comes out the same, so everything is one-of-a-kind!

Raku Salmon sold $150

Four foot long sturgeon

The ceramics are sealed against the weather and can be installed outside.

Raku Tree Leaf Nymph, Not For Sale

Six foot sturgeon and wood, sold $450.

Drawings of animals, patterns made by natures design: leafs, ferns, and flowers.  Boats, cars, and many  sea life creatures. 

Fire Ghost Horse


Raku Salmon patchwork sold $200